1967 More Blantyre Weddings

Continuing a look at the 1960’s today with several more Blantyre Weddings. I’ve attempted to put more detail to these wedding photos and of course archive them and hundreds of others into a permanent archive of Blantyre Wedding Photos through the ages. Feel free to comment or tag people you know. Each of these 3 Blantyre weddings took place, (I think) in early February 1967.


First up is James Raeburn and Patricia Devine. At the time they were married James lived at 49 Cloudhowe Terrace and Patricia was from 1 Wheatland Avenue. Both from Blantyre, they were married in St Joseph’s RC Church on Glasgow Road.

1967 John Higgins & Catherine Sim wmNext up is John Higgins and Catherine Sim. The smiling and happy photo is on the occasion of their wedding in St Anne’s RC Church in Hamilton. I’ve added the photo to this archive, for whilst John was from 13 Queens Drive in Eddlewood, Catherine at the time of her wedding was living at 3 Afton Street, Blantyre.

1967 Michael Allan & Maragret Kelly wmFinally for now, but by no means least are happy couple Michael Allan and Margaret Kelly. Both from Blantyre, the couple were married at St Joseph’s RC Church on Glasgow Road on the first Saturday in February 1967. Michael was from 5 Hawthorn Place and Margaret was from 72 Burnside Crescent.

I’m sure there will be many people on Blantyre Project who know of these 6 people. More weddings in due course!

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