Blantyre Vics Part 3 1920 -1930

Continued from Part 2…..

1890s James Kelly celtic player

1890 James Kelly Celtic Player

Of course there were other Victoria players who played a noted part before going on to the senior ranks. For instance Mr. James Kelly, the Celtic Director and old time internationalist, had business investments in Blantyre and both his sons, Frank and James played for “Vics” before going on to Celtic Park. We must not forget Jimmy Fleming who went indirectly from Vics to Rangers. There was no need to tell Rangers fans what a prolific goal-scoring centre forward he was with the Light Blues.

In the 1920’s they played in dark royal blue shirts and lights shorts, with dark socks with light hoops at the top.

Blantyre Vics wmThere was no pavilion at Castle Park in those days and the home players stipped in the shed outside the nearby pub at Forrest Street, while the visiting team were accommodated in the sitting room of the pub itself.

The story goes that this arrangement helped Victoria to many wins because the visiting team, in their convivial surroundings just couldn’t help having a few beers before taking the field and their play suffered!

To be continued in Part 4

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Mary Sitters How lovely to see this. Blantyre Vics was my Dad’s ( W.C. Scott)team. Found his Membership Card from 1951-2 the other day. He was on the Committee.

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