Catherine (Kathleen) Kelly 1944

1944 Catherine Kelly

1944 Catherine Kelly

Moria Hutchings has sent me the following information, “My Grandfather, Patrick Kelly was born in 1882 allegedly at Shuttle Row. He went on to work at or run the Hoolits Nest (Barnhill Tavern) at Barnhill; Certainly it was the family home for sometime. His father was an Edward Kelly, an Iron Works Hand.  On his marriage certificate in 1908 he was living in Albert Place, Larkfield and he was listed as a coal miner.  When my mother was born in 1916 they lived at 225 Glasgow Road and he was listed as a spirits salesman.

Here’s a picture of my mother in 1944, when she was in India, before she was posted to Hong Kong. She was born in Blantyre but went on to be a major in the QAs and served in India, and then Hong Kong, in and after WWII.

For the time she didn’t do too bad for a Blantyre Girl.  Her name was Catherine (Kathleen) Kelly.  Her married name was Neville. Two uncles were on the Knights of St Columba Committee when the current centre was built, but I do vividly remember the old centre on the Glasgow Road – whist drives and children’s parties

Needless to say I went to Holy Joe’s. All the girls went to Bothwell and all the boys to Hamilton after that. My father however was American Irish from Brooklyn which sort of confused people in the 60s.  We lived on Station Road. As for going to the cinema at the corner of Station Road and the Glasgow Road for the Saturday matinees…….. We must have been horrors as we used the railings by the road for acrobatics.

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Kathleen Mcglynn Catherine McGlynn

John Mcglynn My Papa’s sister (Eddie Kelly)
The Blantyre Project Love it when a story makes a real life connection to somebody on this page. wink emoticon

Aññe O’Dòññelly He was my great grandfather and this is my great aunty Kathleen . Loads of her family still live in this area xx

Lorraine Fagan She was my great aunt too and Kenny O’Donnell‘s.

Clare Maughan She was also my great aunt

Janice Kelly Mine too x

Barbara Miller Caviolo This article brings back memories. I am now living in the U.S.A. I was born in 12 Watson street, Larkfield in 1933. I lived at 5 Priory Street opposite Station Road and the Broadway Picture House. My grand parents lived at 223A Glasgow Road across from the Public Park. Great story, thanks.

Kenny O’Donnell Uncle Jim, one for you too

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