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Sommerville – Hunter Blantyre Wedding 1917

Thank you to Australian lady, Marg Broadley for sending me these photos back in June. Apologies, only getting round to uploading them now. Pictured is a wedding in Blantyre in 1917. The wedding is that of Marg’s great aunt Helen Smail Sommerville, who married Thomas Campbell Hunter. The wedding party are pictures on the grass […]

Sommerville – Hunter Ancestry

On 21st June 2015, I was contacted by Australian lady Marg Boardley (nee Sommerville) who emailed, “I’m visiting from Australia and came across your Blantyre page. My great aunt, Helen Smail Sommerville gave her address on her marriage cert in 1917 as Blantyre Lodge, Blantyre. Do you have any record of her working there? She […]

The Barnhill School Room

<<< Back to Schools Very recently I found out that Barnhill had a little school. Well, to be more precise, it had a little building with one room used as a classroom. The little property was fully detached, made of stone with a thatched roof, opening out on to Bardykes Road, Barnhill. It was located […]