1980 Weddings Blantyre Folk

Moving on to some weddings from 1980. (Was that really 39 years ago?!) Do you recognise any of the couples. We hope they have had long and happy marriages. All into the archives on Blantyre Project. As always, if any person featured in these photos wishes them to be removed from the archive, please just let me know. Thanks.

First up is Anne Finnie of Morven Avenue, Coatshill married David Cross, a Hamilton man. They married in David Livingstone Church on Glasgow Road.

Next, is David Lindsay and Grace Hunter. Both from Glasgow Road, they married in the David Livingstone Memorial Church, their photos taken by Sharps of Hamilton.

Also married in 1980 was Iain Robertson and Marion Weir. Marion, a Station Road lass married Iain of Stonefield Road also at David Livingstone Memorial Church. Photos by Studio Paris, Larkhall.

and finally but by no means least is Teresa Calgie of Caithness Street who married sweetheart John McLuskey of Bothwell Drive. They got married in High Blantyre Registry office. Photos by Sharps.

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