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The Night Before

Blantyre Pit Disaster – 142nd Anniversary At 8.45am tomorrow morning (22nd October 2019), it will be exactly 142 years since the 1877 Blantyre Pit Disaster, which sadly killed 215 men and boys. (Updated on Blantyre Project from 207 previously thought to have died). That terrible explosion, still to this day Scotland’s worst mining disaster occurred at […]

#59 John Gold (1849-1877)

Here’s my researched story of another miner who died in the 1877 Pit Disaster. The Gold family members time in Blantyre was short lived and extremely tragic. John GOLD was born in 1849 in Old Cumnock, Ayrshire, the 6th child to John Gold senior and Lillias Swan Clarkston. The large family lived at 22 Craig […]

1877 Colliery Disaster Illustration

This has to be one of my favourite images of old Blantyre. Crowds of people make their sorrowful way down what would become Douglas Street on that horrible day in October 1877, the sharp turn still visible today near the bottom of Douglas Street. The three pits are pictured. On the left Priestfield Colliery (Dixons […]

1877 Pit Disaster – List of the Dead

In respect of the men and boys who died in the Blantyre Pit Disaster of 22nd October 1877. Here’s a really detailed list produced, not only showing names and ages, but also attaching their addresses, martial status and date their death was actually confirmed (i.e brought up and registered) Some of these families like the […]

“Collliers Every Wan”, by James Cornfield

Colliers Every Wan (In memory of the Blantyre Disaster, 22nd October 1877) They came fae Erin this family o’ mine, Tae Scotia’s fair land tae work underground. Wi’ promise o’ plenty ringin’ in thur ears, They fun’ only poverty, blood, sweat an’ tears. Nothing hid changed at the end o’ the day, Same bosses, same serfdom, same […]