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Sommerville – Hunter Blantyre Wedding 1917

Thank you to Australian lady, Marg Broadley for sending me these photos back in June. Apologies, only getting round to uploading them now. Pictured is a wedding in Blantyre in 1917. The wedding is that of Marg’s great aunt Helen Smail Sommerville, who married Thomas Campbell Hunter. The wedding party are pictures on the grass […]

Christmas Raid on Nursery 1933

Sentence of 30 days imprisonment was imposed on William Sommerville Ritchie, a young unemployed farm servant, who appeared in custody before Sheriff Brown Hamilton Sheriff Court on Boxing Day 1933. He had pleaded guilty to 2 charges of breaking into a shed situated in Barnhill Nursery on Hunthill Road, on December 25th and opening two lockfast […]

1936 Rotary Visit to David Livingstone Centre

Saturday 15th August 1936 saw a memorable visit by the combined Rotary clubs of Hamilton and Motherwell in something of an annual pilgrimage to the Livingstone Memorial at Blantyre. (Pictured is David Livingstone Memorial Centre drawn by Mary Sommerville Gossman, a few years earlier in 1930) The party was received by Mr Robert M’Callum, the Curator, […]