Hunter Family at Dervock Cottage


Hunter family at Dervoch Cottage from Jack Owens 263 Glasgow rd

This wonderful picture is shared by Jack Owens of his ancestors, the Hunter family. It was taken around 1900 at 263 Glasgow Road at what is believed to be ‘Dervock Cottage’, a former cottage once located near the old Bank building.

Lots of nice detail in here. Clearly a musical man, one has to wonder if this was taken after a wedding or a celebration. The little bunch of flowers, everybody well turned out. Wanting to know more and add a little detail, I looked into who was living at Dervock Cottage around the time.

In the 1901 census, John Hunter was a single, 34 year old joiner. The Head of Dervock Cottage. His widowed father George was 79 years old and with them was brother James, a confectioner, aged 45. Thirty five year old Margaret , his sister was housekeeper. There is no doubt that some of these people may be pictured above.

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Jack Owens John has the fiddle Margaret on the right, Carrie ( I think ) in the middle

Blantyre Project thanks Jack. Its a brilliant photo, full of character.
Jack Owens PS they were from Heglabister in Shetland.

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