Hunter & Wotherspoon

Bill Hunter writes, “This is a photo of my Grand Uncle James Halliday Hunter and his wife Elizabeth Wotherspoon who stayed at 49 Hunthill Road, High Blantyre. There is a story that they had a tea room in Blantyre, but we don’t know if that’s accurate.”

In the 1940’s, 49 Hunthill Road was owned by John B Mather of Giffnock. James Hunter was renting the property in the 1940’s for £17 and 2 shillings per year. He moved there between 1930 and 1935 from nearby 57 Hunthill Road, where he had been since just before WW1. I could find no trace of a tea room certainly before 1940, noting that James was previous to that, a coalminer.


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