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1904 High Blantyre Cemetery

This photo is extracted from a beautifully illustrated promotional book from 1904, by Gilmours of Glasgow Road. Pictured here (and I’ve zoomed in), is the High Blantyre Cemetery. The cemetery had opened just 29 years earlier in 1875 and by this time is looking quite established. However, what struck me immediately is the absolute care […]

Gravestones of Livingstone Family Members

I’ve recently posted about the Livingstone family members gravestones which were moved from the old Blantyre Works Cemetery to the David Livingstone Centre Grounds during the 1960s. During a visit to the centre in June 2015, I went to see the gravestones (located at the lower end of the gardens in the centre) but was […]

Stoneymeadow Cemetery

There is a reference in the 1885 Annals of Blantyre book to “an old graveyard in Blantyre, covered in daisies and buttercups that had not been disturbed for hundreds of years.” This has always puzzled me, as dead people were being interred in the old Kirkton graveyard not just at the time this book was […]