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Paterson – Taylor Ancestry

Eleanor Clark messaged me in February on the request page at Blantyre Project website saying, “Hi. My Granny Catherine Paterson lived in 16 Cemetery Road, High Blantyre along with my dad Robert, brothers John, Gavin, and Wallace and my aunt Christine. The building was still standing the day she was buried. She was married to […]

1904 High Blantyre Cemetery

This photo is extracted from a beautifully illustrated promotional book from 1904, by Gilmours of Glasgow Road. Pictured here (and I’ve zoomed in), is the High Blantyre Cemetery. The cemetery had opened just 29 years earlier in 1875 and by this time is looking quite established. However, what struck me immediately is the absolute care […]

Lair 966: Interment mystery solved

A rather sad story for you now. In July 2014, Blantyre man Robert Stewart emailed me a list of people who were buried in unmarked graves in High Blantyre Cemetery. In all cases, no names were known. Robert, being knowledgeable in Blantyre’s Cemeteries told me that between 1875 and 1914, a total of eleven unknown […]