1904 High Blantyre Cemetery

1904 High Blantyre Cemetery

1904 High Blantyre Cemetery

This photo is extracted from a beautifully illustrated promotional book from 1904, by Gilmours of Glasgow Road. Pictured here (and I’ve zoomed in), is the High Blantyre Cemetery. The cemetery had opened just 29 years earlier in 1875 and by this time is looking quite established. However, what struck me immediately is the absolute care and attention the cemetery has been given. The paths well kept, the gravestones all standing, none dared to be toppled. The flowers on almost every grave, people remembered, their resting places cared for often.

To the right of the photo is the DIxon’s monument to the pit disaster. Behind the wall at the back of the Cemetery at this time, ran the railway.

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  • Alan Baird i dont even think half those stones are there now and definatly no flowers, i was down there a week ago , you would think that the common ground would have some sort of marker , at least just to let you kno why theres a big green empty space there.

    • The Blantyre Project I am organising a stone for the common ground. This is something myself and Robert Stewart are working on.
    • Alan Baird well done you two then , well done
  • Jean Boyd That is a lovely thing to do for the common ground
    • The Blantyre Project Joint project between Blantyre Telegraph and Robert Stewart, who had the idea in the first place. Needless to say, we still have to organise it all, but the discussion has happened and resolve is there.
  • Marian Maguire It is disgraceful that councils who are supposedly caring for graveyards do not out of respect erect a memorial to all those poor souls who had nothing. Are you looking for donations, never mind how small everything would help.
    • The Blantyre Project Marian – We will be looking for small donations when the time comes. Still only concept at the moment.
  • Ann Crossar What a lovely thing to do for the common ground – I’d happily donate too.
    Was trying to work out what the items were on the ground – but see they are flower tributes with what appears cloche’s on top?
    See all the markers in place denoting the lair numbers too – some of them are all over the place now making it hard to locate lairs.

    • The Blantyre Project the markers in High Blantyre Cemetery are absolutely shocking with hardly any logic remaining. I’d love to get new ones commissioned and placed in stakes in the lairs for the ones definitely associated with the interment. Future project.
  • Annmarie Limerick Strang Would happily give a donation towards a stone.
  • Elizabeth Dobson Grieve My husband and I both have relatives buried in the common ground and some relatives have put a plaque on the wall remembering the children that died. It’s sad and it’s heartbreaking to see all the stones broken too.
  • Richard Strang I used to climb that wall from my granny’s back garden.
  • Marian Maguire These domes were made of glass at the time, ( Ann Crossar) my granny in Ireland had one on hers and are still very popular there, although made of plastic. Probably because of health and safety.
  • Mary Ingram I used 2 go and sit on my Grandpa’s grave and eat my chips and tell him about my day many,many years ago


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  1. I have been tracing back my family history to High Blantyre and wonder if there’s any way to find out if my ancestor(s) could be buried in this cemetery?

    1. Click on the Bereavement Services enquiry on the website link below with your ancestor(s) names and when they died and they might be able to help you out.


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