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1999 Demolition of David Livingstone Bridge

This bridge, the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge was built in 1952 and replaced the previous suspension bridge which had closed in 1949. The photograph shows the end of the David Livingstone Bridge when it was demolished on 28th May 1999. The contractors had some difficulty in tearing down the whole structure and had to call […]

1999 David Livingstone Bridge

Pictured here in 1999 just before it opened, is the current David Livingstone Bridge, near the David Livingstone Memorial Centre. Photographed by Robert Stewart. The bridge previous to this wasn’t of the best construction. Indeed, so many shortcuts were taken on it’s construction, that by the 1990′s it was deemed unsafe and was eventually replaced […]

1963 Livingstone Memorial Bridge

Sent in from Alistair Hastings whose grandfather took this photo in  March 1963. From a vantage point near the David Livingstone Centre turnstiles, is a view over to the old Wages building. This is from Blantyre looking over to the Bothwell side of the River Clyde. To the right is the former David Livingstone Bridge. (the […]