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Broomhouse Farm, Auchentibber

  Broomhouse Farm – According to Parish Records of 1859, Broomhouse was then just a long thatched cottage, lived in at either end, but with the middle portion of the roof collapsed and in ruin. Mr John Torrance, a solicitor from Hamilton owned the house and surrounding lands and indeed the nearby quarry. He, or his […]

Glebe Cottage, High Blantyre

Glebe Cottage was a former, substantial double villa dating from between 1875 and 1879 located on Craigmuir Road immediately adjacent to the High Blantyre Station. The land was owned by the church, in particular with Rev. Stewart Wright noted as being the owner in the Valuation 1875 roll, which indicated “Glebe Land” with no indication […]

1874 Mineral Line to Larkfield

This fantastic document from October 1874, was recently shown to me by Blantyre man Robert Brownlie. It is the Caledonian Railway’s planning drawing from October 1874 for extending a mineral line directly from the Larkfield Colliery (number 4 pit), along what was eventually to become Burnbrae Road and connecting in with the main Hamilton railway […]

Land at Birdsfield and Bellsfield

  This remarkable newspaper clipping is from the “Calendonian Mercury” newspaper Wednesday 22nd September 1769. It describes an event that took place 244 years ago tomorrow, on 8th December 1769. Described in that newspaper is the sale or let of the lands of Bellsfield, Birdsfield and Burnbrae (that ultimately became Broompark). After the sale, substantial […]