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1962 / 1963 High Blantyre Film

Taking you back to 1962/1963. A great, but very short video of kids playing in Blantyre at the Timber Houses former playpark. First half is Hamilton. Ends with shots of Caldervale (Fin Me Oot) and Dechmont. PURE nostaliga. I could immerse myself in these sort of videos all day long.   Featuring Blantyre Project Social […]

Birdsfield Tile & Brickworks

Mark Cranston runs the very excellent brick history website at https://www.scottishbrickhistory.co.uk . He recently contacted me, posting me this small telegram from April 1892, addressed to W&J Cochran of Birdsfield Tile Works, at High Blantyre. The J Cochran(e) of this telegram was JR Cochrane who lived at Calderglen, now the nursing home. He owned the […]

Cochrane Chapel Floor

I’ve previously written about a little 1884 ruined chapel at Calderglen, the article here: https://blantyreproject.com/2014/06/02/cochranes-chapel-blantyre/ However, back in February 2016, on a particularly rainy weekend, I set off with Gordon Cook and Alex Rochead to the location of the chapel, armed with a shovel, to see if we could find anything. The purpose primarily was to […]

Land at Birdsfield and Bellsfield

  This remarkable newspaper clipping is from the “Calendonian Mercury” newspaper Wednesday 22nd September 1769. It describes an event that took place 244 years ago tomorrow, on 8th December 1769. Described in that newspaper is the sale or let of the lands of Bellsfield, Birdsfield and Burnbrae (that ultimately became Broompark). After the sale, substantial […]