1961 Blantyre Station


1961 Blantyre Station

Blantyre Station looking west in 1961. You can see the bridge in the background spanning the railway at Station Road. On the northern side, the goods shed still visible in the background. The former brick built station offices are on BOTH sides of the platform.

However, perhaps the most noticeable difference is the lack of overhead lines. This was a full 13 years before electrification of the line. Do you remember when the station was like this?

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Elaine Speirs I remember being in yhe waiting room in probably 1970 or 71 and it smelled really bad!

Anthony Smith I can still remember steam trains.The carriages all had individual compartments with their own door.8 seats to a compartment.The window was opened or closed by pulling a leather strap.Also getting bits in your eyes when hanging out the window.

Christine Forrest i remember days trips in the mid sixties as a small excited child this was a golden time the station was bustling with summer day trippers there was a shop whete we bought sweets and people were so polite. OMG where have the years gone!

John Cornfield I remember it I’m thought the old station didn’t get demolished till 80/81 might be wrong but remember the Tyre going to old firm games we always went as 1 usually more Celtic than Rangers but as 1 and I’m sure we were all drinking on south platform behind waiting room

Blantyre Project one of the adjacent station buildings burned down in 1968. I think i have a photo of it on fire. Not sure if the roof was replaced or they knocked it down afterwards.

Blantyre Project found it! August 1968.
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Gord Fotheringham Remember it well….we used to jump on the back of the calli truck to take us up to Glasgow rd…for school…did it one time and he went down hill..ouch..fell off and did some severe damage to my knees…elbow…head…an old lady helped me to the kerb….not a fun day…

Jim Brankin Remember it well

Anne Marie Murray I remember going a school trip from st Josephs to Ayr from the old station…

John Dunsmore Yip. Tony. Smith we used to cross the line going over to the woods to build. Pete’s tree hut up one of the. Oak trees .canny bring them days back more the. Pity .🔨🔨

John Dunsmore Anthony Smith how good is this if you think about back then carrying oe the wood x what ever then to get it up there we must have been on something other than. Water .lol.🍶

John Dunsmore Anthony Smith would that have been your loving dad or yourself took these photos .I can’t remember .🎓

Anthony Smith John Dunsmore Dad took the photos.Pete was able climb the tree using big 6 inch nails that dad got from his job in the steelworks.

Anthony Smith John Dunsmore Too young for anything other than water.But,we were young.

John Dunsmore Anthony Smith mind the big 6 inch nails I fell off the tree 🌳 where Pete is perched thought I was Dunn for Pete got your dad tae come and carry me back over the railway line tae your house Nout broken but. Pride .👍

Isabel Mcneily I remember that really well.

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