New Station, 1899

By 1899, the Blantyre Station was already 50 years old. A half Century, leading into a new Century prompted discussions and action to build and modernise a brand new station.

So in 1899, the old station buildings, no more than small huts, were demolished to make way for new buildings. The Caledonian Railway Company also took the opportunity to improve other aspects of the station.

Work commenced in 1899. By the end of July that year, the platforms had been raised by 13 inches, making it much more convenient and safe to get on and off passenger compartments. During the first week of August 1899, the station had two temporary cabins erected, whilst the new station buildings were built further back from the tracks. Additionally, both platforms were made wider, with new lighting and fencing. Altogether a brand new station, which was opened and ready for 1900.

Attached is a photo of those new buildings, albeit taken a long time later in 1974. These buildings by 1980 were no longer fit for purpose and in the early 1980’s, new timber frame and brick buildings were constructed, very much with passenger efficiency and convenience in mind.

Who remembers the station looking like this in the 50’s, 60s and 70s?

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