1963 Tommy Macy

Blantyre Project reader Linda, recently sent in this little piece of nostalgia. She told me,

“I have just come across my autograph book, buried in my archives, now going through to cull….and came across this signature from the booking clerk at Blantyre Station. I think it says Tommy Macy.  He is probably long since gone, and I would have received this during the week before we left Scotland around the 23rd February 1963.  He was a jovial and friendly chap and said good morning when I went to get the train into Hamilton Academy where I went to school. Happy memories indeed.”

Did YOU have an autograph book? Anybody famous, or not so famous in it? More importantly, does anybody know more about Tommy Macy?

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  1. Haha, thank you so much Paul, what a good idea to see if anyone has autographs…I only began collecting them as we were leaving, sadly, not realising I wouldn’t be home for another 27 years! looking forward to seeing if someone recognises the name..

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