Construction of Station Late 1970’s


1970s' (late) new station construction by GC wmThese previously unseen photos belong to Gordon Cook who has kindly shared them here. The construction of Blantyre Station offices on the westbound side took place in the late 1970’s, with the previous brick built buildings on both platforms demolished.

British Rail followed a standard template for their ticket offices at the time building with modern construction materials. This is the current ticket office we see now, but has of course been renovated since.

1970s Late new station 2 by GC wm

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John Cornfield The original building was much better with much more character it was a thing of beauty progress bah !!!!!!

Blantyre Project original building pictures coming next

Betty Brown True John 👍👍👍

Blantyre Project this is probably true for all our buildings these days. Timber kits, no fancy stonework outside, just basic bricks n mortar. No carvings, ornate features, dating stones or masonry masterpieces. Its true when they say, “they dont build them like that anymore”.

Margaret Allan Sure it was sometime between 81-85 new station was built

Blantyre Project I tend to agree Margaret. These photos looks newer than the 70s. Since scheduling this post a few months ago, I thought it may be a few years later than late 1970s. It was on my to do list to get the exact date and hoping to find it before this post appeared. Since ruled out 1978 and 1979. Currently looking at 1980 and 81. Will repost full story in more detail once exact year is known.

Margaret Allan Blantyre Project i used to get the train to high school.. It was the old station when I started 1981 and changed to new station sometime before i finished in 1985

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