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1960’s Blantyre Co-op Carpet Dept

Today’s photos we return to the 1960’s and pictured are two Blantyre Co-Op workers. David Mackie stands with stick to batten down the dust on the carpets being sold at the Carpet Department at Low Blantyre. Colleague Alex Crawford leans against one of the “interesting” 1960’s carpets on the large elevated rolls. (Browns, oranges, beiges […]

Blantyre Co-op Central Premises

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017 Blantyre Co-operative Society Central Premises    Blantyre Co-operative Society’s Central premises was a former large L shaped, impressive building in Low Blantyre, which contained several Co-op shops, their Head Office and large community hall at the western side of […]

Blantyre Co-operative Society

Blantyre Co-operative Society    The Co-operative Society has long played a vital part in Blantyre’s commerce since the 1880’s. It was such a monumental part of everyday life in in this town that it’s worth touching upon their history further. Although the Co-op, as an enterprise has roots as far back as 1844, I discovered […]

Stonefield Independent Co-op

  The Stonefield Independent Co-operative Society was formed in 1884. It served as an alternative (but similar) to the larger Blantyre Co-operative Society. However after 48 years of operating, on the evening of Saturday 30th April 1932, the Stonefield Independent Co-op society ceased trading independently and merged with the larger society. The properties and shops […]