Blantyre Co-Op Society

What a male orientated world the Co-op was when it came to running things. This photo from the 1930’s shows the Blantyre Co-Operative Society Board of Management.

I get a sense of pride in their workplace from everybody in that photo looking at their expressions and suspect it was a thankful job, as opposed to the many people working dangerously underground in that era. My own grandfather was a boot salesman for the Co and although it had pressures of weekly targets, my mother always said he was thankful to be able to go home each night, having not had to be underground! The men are all named as follows: John Russell, James Cunningham, Joseph Miller, John Forrest, Andrew Johnstone, Thomas Clarkson, Thomas Parker, John Dunsmuir, James Wood, James Heggison (Treasurer), George Muir (Manager), John J Fraser (President), James Jack (Secretary), Frank Stevenson (Bookkeeper)

With thanks to Jim Jack for this photo. Jim’s grandad is in the picture.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Elizabeth Anderson Cardoo I’m 76 yrs and our was 497
Agnes Vorsterman My Uncle Willie Mackie worked in the Co-op butchers in High Blantyre Main Street from the 30s. My gran and grampa (a former miner) lived upstairs. I remember the big slabs of butter and cheese in the grocers department
Brian Weaver I remember Willie Mackie working in the butchers in the 1950s. He was a really kind and friendly man who treated everyone with genuine respect and warmth. He was one of the few people who treated children as equals and I’ve always remembered that. It’s a fine impression to leave.
Agnes Vorsterman Thanks. My mum always got a nice bit of gigot for Sunday dinner out of the butchers. He was also a lay preacher in the Nazarene church and was still officiating at funerals in his 80s!
Jeemo Lisboa Still mind ma granny’s CO.number.60
Archie Peat My Grandmother,s number was “7 ” She was a founder member !! ( see previous Blantyre Projects photographs ) My Great Uncle ” Jack” Russell is in the back row. He and my Aunty Annie lived in Craig Street opposite the bowling green.
Harold Barrie John Forrest (middle name Clark) had three streets named after him in Blantyre. Two still remain. Clark Street is where Devlin Court is built.
Sally Jamieson My Mum always knew her number, her Mum’s number and also her Mother in law’s
James Boyd Who remembers there mums number mines was 1960 also the plastic currency system
Giovanna Matarazzo Mandel 80 some odd years later and we all use my mom’s family number as a code to everything. Even her grandkids know it

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