Blantyre Co-Op Tea Caddy

I have another little addition to my ever expanding collection of Blantyre memorabilia!

This tea caddy dates from 1933 and celebrates the Jubilee Anniversary of Blantyre Co-op Society Ltd (1883-1933).

It’s a metal canister which would have stored tea (which it still smells of!). The address of 14 Herbertson Street is featured on the in. Rust free, the caddy is still in good condition. It has a wood effect pattern on it and more than a little “art deco” influences on the patterns.

I picked it up for only around £8 on ebay (not realising I was bidding against another Blantyre person until later!). It now has a place on my spare bedroom mantlepiece along with other “Auld Blantyre” things.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Gillian Cunningham Thought I was going to get it but at the last minute another bidder appeared…
Gord Fotheringham Co-op hall tea caddy….
Kieran Watson Is that a 2 digit phone number?
Blantyre Project it is. Pick up the phone. Dial 2 digits and through!

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  1. I love the phone number

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