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1962 / 1963 High Blantyre Film

Taking you back to 1962/1963. A great, but very short video of kids playing in Blantyre at the Timber Houses former playpark. First half is Hamilton. Ends with shots of Caldervale (Fin Me Oot) and Dechmont. PURE nostaliga. I could immerse myself in these sort of videos all day long.   Featuring Blantyre Project Social […]

Hamilton Tablet for Livingstone

  In 1913, as the country celebrated 100 year centenary of Livingstone’s birth, a memorial tablet was also unveiled in St James Congregational Church, Hamilton, with which the Livingstone family was associated. David as a young man had become a member of that church. Mr. William Naismith of the Yews, who knew the Livingstone family, performed […]

Blantyre Ploughing Society

  In September 2016, Eric Flack sent me a message saying, “Hi Paul, I am aware of some family ‘connection’ to Jackson, Craig and Coats Blantyre names. I have a silver fob medal won around 1840’s by a Jackson at the Blantyre show. Ploughing or milk.  Plus a medical text book belonging to a Jackson dated 1829.” The Craig, Coats […]