1962 / 1963 High Blantyre Film

Taking you back to 1962/1963. A great, but very short video of kids playing in Blantyre at the Timber Houses former playpark. First half is Hamilton. Ends with shots of Caldervale (Fin Me Oot) and Dechmont. PURE nostaliga. I could immerse myself in these sort of videos all day long.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Blantyre Project Colour film from 56 years ago!!!

Blantyre Project kids pictured must have been born around 1956/1957 or so.

Margaret Mary OSullivan This is wonderful and captures a lovely childhood moment!❤️

Anthony Smith Is it true that Hamilton County building was built without a frontdoor letterbox ?

Blantyre Project truly, i have NO idea! lol

Anthony Smith Blantyre Project Might just have been a myth at the time.Why would a building for this use need a letterbox for individual letters for !

Barbara Aitkenhead We used to regularly cycle along the ‘back road’ from our house to ‘piggery brae’ to the sound of gunfire from the Dechmont Range….. happy days when life was simple.

Catherine Murphy Great to see the swings in front of Bellsfield Dr my granny Mc Laughlin lived in No 6 we used to play on the swings there

Jane Maxwell Remember it well Catherine great days.

Donna Campbell We stay in number 2 👍

Raymond Henderson swing park in front eh ma mums bit!..👌…class!… Karen Edmond Donna Campbell ..x

Anne Mackie Where was the playpark ?

Blantyre Project where the roundabout now is.

Walter Fleming Excellent, Sandra remembers fin me oot and Dechmont . Sandra worked in Mails piggery at Dechmont as she stayed down in Flemington at the time.

Wendy Wilson I think that’s my Grandpas house in Bothwell St in the opening shot.

Jan Ritchie Since I moved to Blantyre in 1974, I have been able to look at the trees at the top of Dechmont Hill from my bedrooms. I find it very reassuring. X

Aileen Farrell We used to play there xx

Robert Holmes Long time ago Aileen in fact a life time ago

Royston Hawke I remember playing on the swings when I lived in Logan St. Had to cross the old railway line to get to the park

Patricia Keir Making me so emotional xx

Derek Keir Nice of them to get rid of that park before we moved in. Looks better than Disneyland.

Colin Keir Betchae John Paul Brown set fire to i

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  1. My gran Agnes Cornfield lived at 42 Birdsfield Drive, I loved staying with her, every opportunity I was there, mainly getting away from my identical twin sister, this was my second home where I played with Jean Brownrigg, Sandra Casey, Linda Daly, Ian Freeman, Lettie Hill and several others too.
    The wee park and the burn happy days down there!

    Families I recall,
    Maggie Barclay, Smith , Wallace, Freeman, Donnelly, Berry, Philips, Brownrigg, Daly, Mrs Hawthorn my gran’s friend, Casey, Hill, McClelland, Devlin, Madden..

    Who recalls Johnnie the preacher man? The salvation army band most weekends.

    I’m sure I can recall more, give me time…

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