Birdsfield Tile & Brickworks

Mark Cranston runs the very excellent brick history website at .


He recently contacted me, posting me this small telegram from April 1892, addressed to W&J Cochran of Birdsfield Tile Works, at High Blantyre.

The J Cochran(e) of this telegram was JR Cochrane who lived at Calderglen, now the nursing home. He owned the tileworks at High Blantyre, which would later become Wagon Works, then Alex Inglis workshop, and now Van Elle Construction.

It was a reminder of how slow business may have taken when only working with paper and telegrams, at a time before phones and emails. The telegram points out attendance at the Commercial Hotel, and such meeting afterwards may have been commonplace for payments and further orders, or receipts to be registered.

With thanks to Mark for actually posting me this and knowing i would be interested! Much appreciated.

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