Baird’s Rows, 1958

With thanks to Anthony Smith for sharing this great photo. The date is February 1958.

1958 Bairds Rows by A smith

Left to Right are his brothers Stan,Pete, then Anthony and their mum. The location is outside 93 Bairds at the former Craighead Rows, Low Blantyre.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Moira Macfarlane Love these old photos, happy day’s
Isabel Mcneily Great memories, we lived in the middle row, Clarkin was the name
Andrew Mclinden We lived in No 47 middle row, then moved to Hillview Drive along with most people from Bairds Raws ..
John Dunsmore Hi. Andy, me from bottom tae 97 good days only. Kids
Ethel Watson We Lived at 107 happy day moira and John in Bairds Raws xx
Brendan O’neill My mum grew up in Baird’s row
John Dunsmore I mind I used to get a bath in this. Wash hoose zink bath tub
Mary Gray Loved Bairds Raws my gran lived in the middle row x
John Dunsmore Mary , you could get a jam peice at any door. Fact.
Rose Garland I was born in Baird row in 1957 then moved to Hillview Drive 1958
Eva Brown I was born in Bairds Rows. Lived on the top row
Karen Nicoll My Grandpa Patrick Allan lived at Bsirds Raws along with his parents and brothers and sisters, the Family then moved to Hardie Street.
Joe Sneddon I lived in the raws 1956 till 1958 before I can remember..
Martin Smith I lived on Glasgow Rd t the top of Bairds Rows till 1959. Just room and kitchen. Moved to Devondale Ave.
Margaret Duncan My father, Peter Brogan was brought up in Bairds Rows
Alex Orr I was born in the bottom row. Number 113 I think. Know the Smith boys. We all moved to the Coatshill scheme. They were in Hillview Dr. I lived in Morven Ave. Fond memories.
Kathleen McShane My mother, Margaret Brogan was brought up in Bairds Rows.

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  1. My mum & dad lived there and i was brotup there,my mum was Mary Findlay she was born weir married a mr Brown who was i beleive killed in the pit my mother then married john Robertson Findlay my father worked in the pit as the lamp man and ambulus man

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