Bairds Rows, 1957

John Ward Duffy contacted me adding, “Here is a photo of my gran and her 2 eldest.”

The photo was taken at Bairds Raws (also known as Craighead Raws) around 1957, not long before they were cleared. With the history of the north side of Glasgow Road about to be written up in detail, I’m most interested if anybody else has pictures of Baird’s Rows or surrounding area. Thanks.

1957 Bairds Rows wm

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John Dunsmore My. Parents stayed bottom tae 97. Till they moved to. Lime. Grove. Coatshill estate best days growing up was. Bairds. Raws no. Hassle good pal x. Neighbours.💗👍

Elizabeth Weaver Love how smartly they’re all dressed – and the wee boy with the neat parting in his hair! Also nice to see the nappies and other washing blowing on the lines.

Thomas Barrett Is that Jim and Bobby?

Thomas Barrett Thought that brought up in the prefabs with them thanks John.

Helen Ward Gartlan Beautiful x

Maggie Anderson My maternal Grandparents lived at 48 middle rowManage
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Catherine Newell My grandparents lived there Tam and Kate Barrie before they moved to Hawthorn Place

Maggie Anderson This is them in their younger days …the man on the left is my grandfather Jorge Valonis changed surname to Wilson

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Mary Falco Was there a rosie Wilson in your family they were friends of my mother

Lorna Mc Donald Smith I remember my mum Mary Sweeney talking about Rosie Wilson and that her parents had changed their surname

Maggie Anderson Mary Falco This is my Aunt Rose with two siblings
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Maggie Anderson Lorna Mc Donald Smith ….They changed their surname so that they would fit in i think and that it saved spelling it all the time….they came from Lithuania….My grandmother had a relation who was a soldier in the Tzar’s palace !!

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Hi is it same Wilson’s devondale ave and. Was a tragic accident abroad ?

Mary Falco There were two sisters called called Wilson I remember meeting them think they lived in loan st

Mary Falco LOGAN Street

Mary Falco Wonder who could afford a camera then

Maggie Anderson Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley … yes they moved to Devondale ave that was when my family moved through from the east….but I don’t know anything about an accident abroad….maybe you may be referring to my cousin Jim who was stabbed but this was in England ( Batley)

Maggie Anderson Mary Falco I’m sure my grandparents pic was in a studio I think looking at the background

Maggie Anderson and they never lived in Logan St …..there were 13 children in the Wilson family ….all passed except Rose I think

Maggie Anderson My Mum Mary with her sister Josie and brother Bill at Bairds rows ….not sure of the date….but I’ve noticed my Mum is wearing a wedding ring so in the 40’s

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Mary Falco Yes Jose and rosie were friends with Ellen and mary sweeney

Maggie Anderson I knew Ellen x

Maggie Anderson Mary Falco ….Was there a Vera Sweeny ? correction surname Smith….

Mary Falco No a cathy Ellen was my mum

Claire Isabella Who are the children Maggie Anderson

Claire Isabella Maggie Anderson the young one is my dad, right?

Maggie Anderson Just a guess but the older one may be Valerie which would make the younger one Julia…Val was the only one born in Lithuania xx

Maggie Anderson Claire Isabella yes hun….. I think it is your Dad ….my Uncle Bill x

Maggie Anderson Mary Falco Your Mum was Ellen Sweeney married name Smith yes ?

Isabel Mcneily We lived in the middle row, I believe it was #45. My sister has pictures of myself, my brother and sister at the Coronation party. Our name is Clarkin and we moved to Coatshill Avenue a few years later

Mary Falco Paul you have photos of the Sweeney in bairds row

James Sime My gran and grandad john and kate sim stayed there with their families before moving to Devondale Avenue in Coatshill in late 50s.

Ethel Watson My mum stayed the bottom 107 my grandparents lived there to

John Dunsmore Yes. Ethel, mind oe you staying 107 x grandparents.💗👍

Brendan O’neill Ma mammy grew up in bairds raws

Margaret Morton Wilson In 1889 John Morton ( my Great Grandad)and family lived at 31 Bairds Row, he was killed in accident on the Caledonian Railway in October that year. The family then had to move out of Bairds Rows to a house in Glasgow Road

Margaret Morton Wilson My 5 generations of John Morton’s
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Blantyre Project Great photo Margaret. In 1891, just 2 years after that accident, there were 27 people in Blantyre with the surname ‘Morton’.

Margaret Liddle My mom & dad were neighbours they lived in the top row with their families, the O Neills & Watsons

ManageGlenda Young My mum was born here ..this is fascinating ..unfortunately I don’t have any pics. .Thank you Blantyre Project for puting up this pic ..I’ve allways wanted to see a pic of Bairds Rows ..I wish I could find out more long the rows were there etc Blantyre Project Hi Glenda , Craighead Rows or Bairds Rows are explored a little here…/bairds-rows…/although when i start my next book writing about the north side of Glasgow Road, i’ll be writing about the families and buildings in more detail and of course including many more unseen photos.

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