1951 The Sim Family in London

Thanks to Lesley Sutherland for sharing this photo.

Lesley wrote, “This is a photo of my mother Eva Sim (now Eva Brown) and her brother Peter Sim outside Buckingham Palace in 1951, aged 15 and 8. They travelled from Blantyre to London during the Festival of Britain.

They lived in Bairds Rows than moved to Farm Road when those houses were built. Their father was also Peter Sim, a miner and their mother was Helen Sim (nee Budris). There were four children Andrew Sim, Joe Sim, Eva Sim and Peter Sim. My mum Eva stays in Hamilton. Peter moved to London when he was about 18 and is still there. Joe lives in Warrington and unfortunately Andrew died about 18 years ago. My mum is on Facebook Eva Brown and my dad Jack Brown. They’re both  Blantyre children born in the 1930’s. They probably have some great stories of their early years in Blantyre.”

1951 sims at Buckingham palace

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Elizabeth Weaver Love her clothes! I wonder how many Blantyre people travelled down for that. I was there with my mother, too. Great photo.

Elizabeth Weaver Mum and I feeding the pigeons, same year.

Elizabeth Weaver's photo.
Joy McLennan Smashingly turned out!!

Isabel White Our school entered a writing competition that year. We had to write in our best “real” writing – This is the year of the Festival of Britain which will show the greatness of our nation in the arts and sciences and in industry. I must have had to write it many times as I still remember it

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