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Hogg – Miller Blantyre Ancestry

Caitlyn Clarkson emailed me recently from her home in Canada, commenting, “You have created a wonderful website, the photographs are amazing and create such a sense of time and space. My great great grandparents lived in Blantyre for quite some time. They were Helen Miller and James Hogg. Helen Miller who married James Hogg (coal miner). Helen […]

Auchinraith Pit Disaster 1930

Taken from the forthcoming detailed book, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul D Veverka (c) 2016, here’s an extended article about Blantyre’s Auchinraith Pit Explosion in 1930. Pictured is a newspaper article from the Motherwell Times from that fateful day. On Saturday 30th August 1930, a huge explosion occurred at Number 1 pit, Auchinraith colliery belonging to Messrs’ […]

National Unemployed Workers Movement

  The National Unemployed Workers’ Movement was a British organisation set up in 1921 by members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. It aimed to draw attention to the plight of unemployed workers during the post World War I slump, the 1926 General Strike and later the Great Depression, and to fight the Means Test. During the 1930’s members of this organisation paid a weekly 1d. Mr. […]