1910 Main Street, High Blantyre


1910-main-street-wmI can’t quite believe I’ve never uploaded this photo before. It was quite a common postcard and I noticed recently it wasn’t on the site yet. Pictured in 1910 is High Blantyre Main Street looking eastwards. The location is just after Cemetery Road junction. To put it into context where the bushes are on the left is now Family Shopper Carpark.

How different this scene is now 106 years later.

(c) Blantyre Project

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Carolyn Patterson And our cottages are still there ..now listed buildings opposite family shopper 😁 x
Margaret Elma Griffin Where the bushes can be seen there used to be a big house set back as a child living in Cemetery Road it was always a mystery to me as to who lived there but somehow with the Talis Twins l found myself at the front door to be opened by a friendly elderly Lady who invited us in l believe she knew the Talis family we were fascinated to see two impressive staircases we were allowed to climb the first staircase and cross the long landing and down the other still don’t know who the Lady was !! I believe years later it turned into a Pub or Hotel Wilson’s shop was just on from there
The Blantyre Project Red Stones Hotel

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