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1926 Blantyre Pit Row

  Before Sheriff Mercer, at Hamilton Sheriff Court on Monday 1st November 1926, seven men were charged with forming part of a disorderly crowd of over 700 people in Glasgow Road, Blantyre. This was a time towards the end of the great mining strike and feeling amongst the unemployed miners were still running high, especially to those […]

Blantyre Boys Mystery Find

  A few Blantyre boys made a most remarkable find in early October 1930. Whilst over the river, roaming about Bothwell Castle in search of brambles, a number of Blantyre boys found a heavy Colt service revolver, part of a soldier’s uniform, and several other articles of clothing. Their curiosity was aroused by a ‘hidden’ brown paper […]

Blantyre Police Annual Census – 1924

  In 1924, the police completed their annual census of Blantyre Parish, and they were indebted to Sergeant George Logie for the following particulars. The population was returned at 18,703 of which there are 9,592 males and 9,111 females. Aliens (immigrants) number 495 and consist of; — RUSSIANS. 404. ITALIANS. 68 GERMANS. 18 FRENCH. 1 AUSTRIANS. […]

Ronald Paterson Wilson of Parkville

Mr Ronald Paterson Wilson, son of Dr John Cowan Wilson, Parkville, Blantyre, was appointed Chief Constable of West Sussex on 1st January 1935. When the vacancy occurred Mr Wilson was living at his parents’ house (now, the front of the Parkville Pub) and in 1934 when he heard of the position, had newly arrived home to Blantyre […]