Calderglen knock at the door

About 6am, on Sunday, 11th September 1898, Mr Dunn, the coachman of Calderglen House was awoken by somebody knocking at the stables attached to the grand house. On rising from bed, he found a man outside imploring for help.

To his horror, amongst other injuries, one of the man’s hands was almost severed at the wrist.The man gave his name as Thomas Gilhooly of Cooper’s Buildings, Cambuslang but was too shocked to speak otherwise when asked what had happened.

It was later learned that the man had been at Newton the previous night and on his way home walking along the railway, had been clipped by a passing engine. After being dressed by Dr Wilson, the Blantyre Ambulance waggon was called for and he was taken to the Infirmary.

Calderglen, the home of the Cochrane family is pictured in subsequent decades.

c1910 Calderglen House

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Joe Ferguson Was Calderglen Cochrane’s house along from the Whinns?.And was it owned by Shawfield Greyhounds at one time?

Lesley Mckenzie I worked there when it was a care home 1990s. Best job i every had!

Ali O’Donnell Did my first nursing placement there when it was a care home. Beautiful inside and out

Gai Johargensen There is a Margaret Cochrane in my parental line born in Greenock. Would she be part of this family or is it a common name in the area? Married to my grandfather, John Stuart, a joiner. Emigrated with their family to Sydney Australia in about 1885 on “Loch Long”.

Blantyre Project This Cochrane line had family in Edinburgh and in England. I’m not aware of them going abroad.

Carol King I wonder what happened to him ?

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