1930s High Blantyre Railway Station

Late 1930's High Blantyre Station

Late 1930’s High Blantyre Station

Pictured here in the 1930’s is a high quality photograph of a deserted High Blantyre Station. Robert Brownlie shared this with Blantyre Project, along with his note on the photo showing where the railway bridge was, that used to cross Main Street near the entrance of Craigmuir Road. In the background on the far left, upon the horizon is the bing of Priory Colliery.

The other photo is pictured from the same angle looking Northwards, but a decade or so earlier from 1920 and is a photo from my family collection. The actual photo is kept in a little folder away from light and has been preserved fairly well to show the High Blantyre station with a locomotive coming in. How incredible to think now that these large railways used to cut right through the centre of Blantyrem the tracks now long gone and left a legacy that are now several parks at Stonefield Crescent , Burnbrae Road and Victoria Street.

High Blantyre Station itself is of course gone and now a modern housing estate, next to Blantyre’s Old Parish Church.

1920 High Blantyre Station

1920 High Blantyre Station

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