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Remembering Edward Allan Watson b1948-d1951

Just a little post to remember Blantyre boy, Edward Allan Watson. On the 4th September 1951, about 68 years ago, three year old Allan Edward Watson was playing outside his home in High Blantyre. He lived at 395 Main Street with his family, including Stephen Watson, a brother who I know reads this page. Allan’s […]

High Blantyre Station 1960s

This photo dates to the 1960’s. Pictured is High Blantyre Station looking South up towards Sydes Brae. The Station is no longer there and was by the 1960’s already derelict. Some readers may recall playing there or walking along the unused rail tracks. The railway bridge in the background is now the modern East Kilbride […]

1930s High Blantyre Railway Station

Pictured here in the 1930’s is a high quality photograph of a deserted High Blantyre Station. Robert Brownlie shared this with Blantyre Project, along with his note on the photo showing where the railway bridge was, that used to cross Main Street near the entrance of Craigmuir Road. In the background on the far left, […]