Low Blantyre Station 1961

1961 Low Blantyre Station, sent in by Robert Brownlie

1961 Low Blantyre Station

This photo dates from 1961. Pictured is Low Blantyre Railway Station.

On the right is the goods yard, that was adjacent to Rosebank Avenue. As a tip, you can always tell which pictures of Blantyre stations are high or low Blantyre. High Blantyre, the tracks were curved, Low Blantyre’s were perfectly straight, just as they are today.

In July 1881, an accident happened at this station where carriages were derailed. You can read more about that here. http://blantyreproject.com/2014/04/11/alarming-railway-accident-at-low-blantyre/

A year later after this photo, the Station was visited by the Queen.

I’m  investigating the detailed history of the Railway Station and the creation of the Railway through it and will be able to post about that in due course.

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