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This next photo read like a real ‘who’s who’ of Blantyre business.

Ian Robb of Spittal Farm, Jackie Evans the Bookie, Peter Wilkie of Birdsfield, Davy Scott Ice Cream man of Tony Valerio (Victoria Cafe latterly owned by Bill Skouse), Archie Struthers of Shott Farm and Jock Young mechanic from the garage attached to the Victoria Cafe and situated behind it and Jock Richardson’s butchers shop.

What can you tell me about these well known men or the date?

Photo: Courtesy S Wilkie.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Brian Weaver David Scott was my uncle. As well as being the ice cream man, he also delivered milk (by horse and cart) for Peter Wilkie. He lived in one of the tenements at Stonefield.

Elizabeth Weaver Have you seen this, Mary Sitters, Irene Scott Smith, Andrea Olsen Fraser Scott? Uncle David next to Peter Wilkie.

Sandy Wilkie Brian & Elizabeth, Davie used to babysit me regularly – I thought he was great for two reasons, firstly the poky hats wi’ tallies blood we used to get from him when he came in to us in his ancient ice cream van to Birdsfield or a temporary wee dairy we had in Burnbank at the old Hastie Bakery as we waited for Bardykes being altered. Plus, the way he could have such a long piece of ash hanging off the end of the cigarettes he used to smoke – could never understand why it didn’t fall off!

Mary Sitters Elizabeth Weaver, did wonder if it was Uncle David but could not be sure as the photo was not clear enough.

Elizabeth Weaver Sandy Wilkie Hi Sandy – that’s just reminded me that one hot summer’s evening, my Mum came up to my bedroom with a pokey hat for me…something which would never have happened normally! I assume Uncle David had stopped by with his van. He wasn’t allowed to smoke in our house (Victoria Street) but I know what you mean about the ash 😉

Fraser Scott First time ever for us!
Irene Scott Smith He looks like our brother Robert. Lovely to see him.
Elizabeth Weaver Irene Scott Smith I always thought that. Very strong family likeness with your Robert.
Janet Cochrane Archie Struthers was my mother Annie Marshalls cousin. His mother was Annie Baird of Craigmuir farm his father was Andrew Struthers of Shott farm .He worked with his aunt Jessie Struthers at the farm.His mother and father lived in the last house in the building directly in front of the High Blantyre church. His sister was Jean Seaton of Seaton plumbers. He was related to the Wilsons of Auchentibber farm through the Struthers family.

Maggie Anderson Janet Cochrane…What year did the Struthers live in the building opposite the church ? I lived there too ( top flat )374 Main St
Janet Cochrane Maggie Anderson you stayed on the same side as the church hall the Struthers family stayed in the building across the road. They were moved to Kirkton Avenue when these houses were built. If my memory is right that would have been about 1958 or 1959
Sandy Wilkie When we moved from Birdsfield and Bellsfield into Bardykes in 1956, Archie & Jessie gave my dad a wee Friesian calf (we called it Jessie) and their good friends Bob Chalmers and his “housekeeper” Chrissy Alison from Dughillock (better known as Allers Farm, now Alan & Morag Reardon’s kennels and chattery), gave us an Ayrshire one (called Chrissy), to get the herd started again after the demise of Lettrick when great uncle Arthur Craig cane to live with us, and the local authority compulsory purchase order was served taking the first two farms for the Kirkton Scheme to be built.

Sandy Wilkie What happened eventually to Davie’s daughter Marion (was in the new house in Calder st at one time) and her brother, Robert?
Elizabeth Weaver Sandy Wilkie Marion and her husband moved to Abington many years ago where they had a Bed and Breakfast business and they’ve now retired to Lamington, near Biggar. Robert and his family live in N Ayrshire.
Sandy Wilkie Thanks Elizabeth.
Gillian Cunningham The Robb’s farm across the road at Flemington. Are Spittal and Flemington one and the same ?
Gillian Cunningham Thanks for that. We know that the land our house was built on was owned by the Jackson family of Blantyre and was bought by the Rae’s of Cambuslang who built the house in 1926.

Jim Cochrane Is this at East Kilbride Show,there’s tents and cattle in the background

Sandy Wilkie No, Jim it was their annual outing to the Highland Show in the days when it moved around the country before finding a permanent home at Ingliston! Quite a celebration it was too!

Ruth Haughen Oww that’s my grampa

Sandy Wilkie Which house are you Gillian?
James Richardson Victoria cafe was owned by Tony Viola

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