1979 Victoria Cafe

I’m looking forward to writing a sequel to my Glasgow Road book, which will this time be all about the businesses and homes on the North side of the road. I’ve been collecting many photos for that purpose. Like this one of the former Victoria Cafe, just after it had been boarded and bricked up. This was 43 years ago in 1979. The bricks and boards used looking new like it had just been done.

To put some context into the location, this would now be the grass at the side of Glasgow Road at Andy’s Tyres, with the corner of Forrest Street just out the photo to the left. The Victoria Cafe stood directly opposite the end of Auchinraith Road junction of Glasgow Road.

Actually, this building has an interesting piece of trivia attached to it. The upper storey directly above the cafe was one of the first tenements to be demolished on the north side of Glasgow Road. The rest of them coming down pretty fast after it.

What’s your memories of the Victoria Cafe? Can anybody remember what it looked like inside? Anybody work there?

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  1. Hi Paul,could the address of this Cafe have been 178 Glasgow Road? and owned by Peter Valerio? I think my grandad may have lived above it, or in the building, around 1930, i used to think it may have been the house 178 Glasgow road that currently sits across from the Glenlee Pub but wasnt sure if they were built yet

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