JBH Struthers Interview, 1910 (Part 3 of 3)

During an Auchentibber Garden Party in June 1910, reporters interviewed Inn and Quoiting Grounds owner, Mr. J.B.H Struthers. Today, continued on from Parts 1 and 2, this final part continues with an explanation of the measures ihe and other volunteers took to create the beautiful former Italian Gardens. Reporters interviewing him stated,

“The chief point which one noted surveying the whole place was the originality and resource displayed by the promoters in securing many of their effects and overcoming and turning to advantage many natural obstacles. The large figured flower vases, of which there are quite a number, were all cast in cement by Mr Struthers, as were also the columns and copestones for the long balustrade in connection with a stone stairway which is being presently constructed in a new portion.

The fantastic legs which support a particularly massive and artistic fountain basin, we were informed were manufactured from a cast taken from the leg of an old sofa purchased in’a sale room for that express purpose. Each year sees some new feature in this most interesting corner accomplished and another begun. One aught be pardoned for a suggesting that having brought the place up to such a high state of perfection, Mr Struthers and his loyal supporters might now settle down to evenings of less exertion, and peacefully enjoy the work of their hands. So far from this being their desire, they have this year set themselves out to reclaim another portion of the wilderness. It is their intention to lay down another pitch one for the ‘laddies’ and also to erect a small tea house where a refreshing cup of tea can be partaken by a member accompanied by his wife, or mayhap his sweetheart, in the quiet of a Summer evening.

Quoiting Green Auchentibber 1919

A considerable portion of the old quarry still remains to be utilised, and Mr Struthers has under contemplation, a scheme provided the younger members of the community to support him in the same manner as their seniors have done in the other undertakings for the erection of a number of plungd baths. The whole place is not only a valuable asset to the village of Auchintibber but to the whole parish of Blantyre. Its gates are open to all and we understand it is becoming each summer more largely patronised. It furnishes also an interesting example of what can be accomplished by co-operative labour intelligently and tactfully directed and is a distinct credit, not only to Mr Struthers, but to all who have identified themselves with this project.

Mr Struthers, we understand, has made over the whole ground to the villagers as a gift, and when it is considered that he has provided all material necessary to the work those who have visited the place will readily appreciate the munificence of his gift. Not only so, but he is presently negotiating with the superiors of the ground outside his own feu with a view to securing what remains of the quarry in order that the villagers may be able to extend the work still further at some future time. Ample provision has also been made that the men may spend their winter evenings in a profitable way. Mr Struthers, has placed at their service a commodious hall, where reading and study may be pursued, or games indulged in. During this season a series of interesting lectures are organised on a variety of subjects.”

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