1936 Rotary Visit to David Livingstone Centre

1930 David Livingstone Centre, drawn by Mary Sommerville Gossman

1930 David Livingstone Centre, drawn by Mary Sommerville Gossman

Saturday 15th August 1936 saw a memorable visit by the combined Rotary clubs of Hamilton and Motherwell in something of an annual pilgrimage to the Livingstone Memorial at Blantyre. (Pictured is David Livingstone Memorial Centre drawn by Mary Sommerville Gossman, a few years earlier in 1930)

The party was received by Mr Robert M’Callum, the Curator, personally known to most of the Motherwell members. The weather conditions were extremely favourable and the visitors passed leisurely from one interesting feature to another.

The ingeniously designed fountain playing upon the beautiful globe of Scandinavian marble with its relief map in bronze attracted much attention.

The flower garden was a mass of colour; and the fact that its creation was the work of an amateur upon the site of a rubbish heap makes its existence there all the more remarkable.

The new fish and lily pond in the gardens is an additional attraction which indicates the possibilities of the now extensive grounds. Even the Bothwell bank of the River contributes to the amenities the scheme acting as it does as a picturesque screen deep green foliage.

Within the buildings the visitors found several new exhibits comorising documents books, and pictures. After seeing the various sections of the Memorial the members were served with tea within the premises when Pres. Beckett extended warm welcome to two notable guests the club meeting. Mrs Miller, of South Africa, and Rotarian John Crompton, of Lytham -St. Anns, a friend of Rotarian Tevendale. Motherwell.

Mrs Miller, who had been resident in South Africa for a number of years, was impressed the correctness of the details of the tableaux and pictures. The President requested Rotarian Crompton to convey the greetings of the Clubs to his own home club on his return; and he assured the guests that it was a real pleasure for the Clubs to have them in their company that evening.

Past President A. Victor Wilson, associated the Motherwell and Wishaw Club with all that had been said in appraisement of the Memorial and iu welcoming the guests. Altogether it was a most enjoyable and interesting outing and the company appreciated very much the courtesy shown to them Mr M’Callum and the interesting information he gave them concerning the exhibits in the buildings, the plants in the gardens and the general lay-out of the scheme*

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