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1981 Glasgow Road Gala Day

  This photo was kindly shared by Peter Leggate and is from 1981. Pictured is Glasgow Road, as police stop traffic to allow the Gala Day floats to go by. The photo looks eastwards towards Grants and Gilmour’s Buildings at the back, (near the junction of Forrest Street). Those buildings were amongst the last of […]

Blantyre Project Monthly for Charity

Today I have wonderful news of something going to become a very regular feature for Blantyre. I’m proud to announce that from today, “The Blantyre Project Monthly Newsletter” goes on sale at just 50p, with every single penny being donated to local charity, The Haven! This historical newsletter features more stories and photos about Blantyre’s […]

Blantyre Project Alliance with RBOS!

Blantyre Project continues to attract interest from local organisations and companies in the area. I’ve been quite overwhelmed with the interest shown for a deeper pre 1900 Blantyre history. In recent months, we linked with Blantyre Library where you can now find Blantyre Project popup banners, historical articles on the wall, scheduled historical presentations and […]