Blantyre Project Alliance with RBOS!

Blantyre Project continues to attract interest from local organisations and companies in the area. I’ve been quite overwhelmed with the interest shown for a deeper pre 1900 Blantyre history. In recent months, we linked with Blantyre Library where you can now find Blantyre Project popup banners, historical articles on the wall, scheduled historical presentations and of course our book, where we’re told, despite several copies bought by Blantyre library, there’s apparently a long waiting list. Possible interest too for reference copies from other libraries in adjacent towns! We also have ongoing presentations with local bowling clubs, the next schedule about to be released next week. In High Blantyre, our historical IMG_1690photos and researched articles are appearing on the walls of local shops, with their kind permission. AND, our banners are being displayed in the Miners Welfare, where Blantyre Project book is available to buy offline.

However, today we had some exciting developments and proudly announce our association with Blantyre branch of Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Road. Last month I was telephoned by the bank manager asking if i would be interested in providing historical articles and photos to display in the waiting area of the bank. Today, i’m pleased to announce this has been up and running successfully now for a week or so. This was given to the bank for free. This level of community engagement has been beneficial in a reciprocal manner. As well as being thrilled with large organisations interested in and approaching Blantyre Project directly, the bank have informed me that the articles are attracting some interest with a number of customers commenting positively on them and of course provide them with local history whilst waiting in the queue. This is just the start of my plan this year to effectively engage with the community with Blantyre history at a level never seen before. More updates on further associations with local businesses coming soon.

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