1984 Clydeview Shopping Centre

1984 Clydeview shopping centre1

I do miss several banks in Blantyre. Never thought I’d say this, but I almost wish the banks were still there in the Clydeview Shopping Centre.

Pictured here, courtesy of George Hay in the mid 1980’s is a relatively newly constructed centre complete with Royal Bank of Scotland and Abbey National.  This will likely bring back some memories. Devlin Grove at the back left is brand spanking new.

Can you name the rest of the shops from 1984/85 at this location?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Stephen Canavan Rapture clothes shop i think was there
Helen Grieve Really is a sad state of affairs.
James Sime I can see Clydesdale electrical shop. Used to have a tantrum in there as I wanted a walkman and my mum would never get me one. The pet shop unit is still to be occupied in this pic. I remember lots of units boarded up and never occupied for years
Liz Boxall Botterills shop
John Cornfield It was never fully occupied
Helen Robb Actually glad this is all gone, hated it, there was just something about the design of it all I couldn’t stand.
Brian Mackenzie Helen Robb … check the auld boys trousers 👖… think he’s walked straight out of Asda wae 5 bags for life fulla messages up they trouser legs
Anne Irvine M D S. Motorist discount services. I think there at the corner. This whole centre could have been booming if obviously the rates weren’t too high. Lower rates were better than the place lying like an eyesore
Davy Thomson It was always stinking,, walking by the country feeds shop always gave me the dry boak
Craig Owens Mellissa I remember taking my deposit book in to the Abbey National.
Fran Mcdermott Walters Got many an outfit from rapture Jacqueline McKinnon McCunnie !! Sparkly outfits from there xx
Bernadette Watt There’s was a freezer shop on the corner Not sure if it was farmfoods or Iceland
Philip Pohler Was one not an Indian resaurant
Elizabeth Grieve That end of Blantyre is a dump now and it’s such a shame
Elaine Speirs there was a ladies fashion shop. Cant remember the name exactly – Rapture? Something starting wiht an R. Was nice but expensive.
Caroline Rundell Capital used to be in corner x i had my ears pierced upstairs in Raptures x
Liane Guthrie Lucianos chippy x
Ian Dobson There was a video shop called clydeview im sure!!
Dee Mcewan When I moved to Blantyre the shop on the corner was capital freezer shop and then on the other side down a bit was lightbodys and they done the best roll n chips x
Carol Crombie Dee Mcewan they were the best ever
Dee Mcewan Carol Crombie absolutely I still miss lightbodys. I also wish they would bring back Oliver’s the bakers as I remember years ago when I was staying in Aberdeen my work would get a Oliver’s for lunch every Friday and they done the best sandwiches ever xx
Mark Rocks Lightbodys glen travel caspers
Carol Crombie Royal Bank; Indian Takeaway; Capital Options (car insurance); Abbey National; Rapture; clydesdale electrical; pet shop, Iceland.
Alex Macmillan Yeah the bank was handy there as could park in Asda car park now it’s the bottom of Hamilton feel sorry for the folk that don’t drive must be a hassle getting to RBS now ano it’s all online now but most probably preferred that face to face banking I still do! anyway it’s the way forward allegedly .
Rab Mccarrol when the Abbey National opened they had Jim watt in the branch signing photos when you opened an account lol
Teresa Logie bernadette was it no capital
Dorothy Doherty Capital freezer shop
Lynne Conner Was it Timpson shoe shop??? And a record shop xx aye records!!!!
James Sime Cantors furniture shop was beyond the bank before the post office
Edith Bulloch Pet store
Laura Cowan Rapture boutique ran by Yvonne Langs mum!
William Mullen Botterills then stonehenge

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