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British Workmen’s Public House

The British Workmen’s Public Houses, perhaps designed in the 19th Century to offer an alternative to the rowdy drinking dens of working classes. British Workmen’s Public Houses offered something else other than the bar. The had free reading rooms with newspaper and magazines and there were lots of the them about Central Scotland. At least […]

The Priory Bar, Blantyre

From my book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017 Priory Place & The Priory Bar     Priory Place was a former 19th and 20th Century building situated at the eastern corner of Glasgow Road and Logan Street junction. It comprised primarily of a popular public house (named the […]

Steele’s Public House, High Blantyre

  Late 19th Century owner of Logan’s Pub at Kirkton Cross, High Blantyre , David Logan, relinquished his ownership of his pub, when his daughter Mary Steele (nee Logan) got married to her husband Joseph Steel on 25th April 1906. Prior to this date Mary had helped her father at Logan’s Public House at Kirkton […]