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Murdoch / Pepper’s Pub (Priory Inn History Pt 2)

Continued from John Struther’s Pub (History of Priory Inn Part 1) Ownership of John Struther’s spirit shop was to change in 1925, when William Murdoch bought the whole building, that would eventually become the Priory Inn from his landlord, John R Struthers, i.e he acquired both 20 and 22 Stonefield Road, retaining the spirit shop […]

John Struther’s Pub (Priory Inn History Pt 1)

  Today, I’m exploring the history of the Priory Inn from it’s humble beginnings to the current day. The Priory Inn is a contemporary public house on the west side of Stonefield Road, opposite the junction with Calder Street. Not to be confused with the Priory Bar. The Public House has recently closed. It has address […]