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Carrigans, around 2000

This is of course High Blantyre, pictured around 2000. At the corner of Hunthill Road and Main Street at the High Blantyre cross is Carrigans. I have to admit loving this pub in the preceding decade. It was always super busy and I was forever in great, fun company (and near to getting home!) What’s […]

Pubs: All day Drinking

Saturday 28th June, 1980 was a day to remember in Blantyre. All day drinking in pubs had arrived! The public had only weeks earlier voted for afternoon drinking and Hamilton’s District Licensing Board gave the “all day” go-ahead to two of Blantyre’s pubs and one hotel. Mr Francis Doonin was amongst the first given permission […]

1999 Village Bar

  Another previously unseen photo from 20 odd years ago. This time from 1999 and it is of course, the Village Bar. Did you know? In April 1878, the whole building went up in flames. It is unknown how the fire started, but the drapers, grocers, pub and nearby houses were all gutted. There was […]

Priory Bar Late 1978

  I missed the chance to put up this photo earlier in the year when I exclusively shared the full researched history of the Priory Bar. Taken in late 1978, shortly before demolition, this building was constructed in 1889 and lasted 89 years. The final days of the Priory Bar, awaiting demolition on Glasgow Road…. […]