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1964 Opening & Insuring Greenhall Park

25th February 1964 Minutes of the Fifth District Council were considering by that time, opening up Greenhall Estate as a park for the public. It says, “As considerable progress was being made to the development of Greenhall Estate which is to open to the public, the chairman suggested that consideration may now be given to […]

1935 Queen Mother at Shuttle Row

On 5th October 1929, the Royal Highness the Duchess of York (Queen mum to you and I) officially opened the David Livingstone Memorial. More commonly known today as “The David Livingstone Centre”. Following the opening ceremony outside, where large crowds attended, the Duchess was given a tour of Shuttle Row, which for the first time […]

1965 Opening James Little Training College

During the Summer of 1965 at Crossbasket Castle, the “James Little Training College” was established and became an education centre for various trades and hobbies, operating alongside the day to day business of the Roosevelt Memorial Fund’s work with disadvantaged children. James Little was a former owner of Crossbasket who left his fortune to a […]