1964 Opening & Insuring Greenhall Park

Greenhall Park, Blantyre pictured by Paul Veverka 2013

Greenhall Park, Blantyre pictured by Paul Veverka 2013

25th February 1964 Minutes of the Fifth District Council were considering by that time, opening up Greenhall Estate as a park for the public. It says, “As considerable progress was being made to the development of Greenhall Estate which is to open to the public, the chairman suggested that consideration may now be given to the question of marking the occasion by the provision of some form of entertainment which could possibly be incorporated in any opening ceremony which may be envisaged. After discussion it was agreed to remit this consideration to the Entertainment committee.”

I had wondered if the entertainment considered was the pitch n putt, but the nearby Golf Training School at Crossbasket didn’t open until a year later, and no doubt would eventually make use of such facilities nearby. It is unknown to me what the entertainment was on the opening day, so perhaps somebody can remember this, which occurred in Springtime 1964.

A month before on 27th January 1964, the council had arranged for insurance cover of £10,000 to be provided for the park. This was based on the estimate by the surveyors for the restatement of all the properties on the estate totalling £29,380 (excluding the Lodge House). The annual premium for this insurance cover was £25 and 8 shillings. A necessity, ahead of opening the park to the public. However, a re-quote was sought to include the lodge, and insurance was arranged for rebuild price of £31,880. The addition of £2,500 tar inclusion into the insurance report effectively valued the Greenhall entrance lodge, a sum which would have been worth £47,000 today. Thanks to Chris Ladds for copies of these minutes.

Pictured is Greenhall Park, photographed by myself in Summer 2013.

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