1937 Opening on the Sabbath

1939 David Livingstone Centre

1939 David Livingstone Centre

On Saturday 20th March 1937, the Dundee Courier reported the story of the David Livingsone Memorial Centre deciding to open on Sundays (then most definitely not the done thing!). The report as follows:

“The Scottish national memorial to David Livingstone, famous missionary and explorer, at Blantyre, Lanarkshire, is to be opened to the public on Sundays during the summer months. At the annual meeting of the trustees in Glasgow yesterday the chairman, Rev. James I. Macnair, said this was departure from their policy. He regretted the step, but it had been decided upon by a large majority of the governors. Pressure by local authorities and other bodies had been responsible for it, and they would open for a few hours on afternoons. It was a matter of great diversity of opinion. He hoped the shrine would attract a few hundred sincere people, and not become a ” fair ” for long-distance bus excursionists. If that happened they would have to reconsider the situation. “

Today, the centre grounds are a popular stop for walkers and visitors.

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