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1879 Blantyre Adverts

These are all Blantyre adverts from 142 years ago. James Hazels the plumber, Robert Stewart the slater and plasterer, Robert Davidson sawmills at Auchinraith and David McNaughton had opened the Livingston Tavern. However, my favourite, if only for its excellent detail is JB Struthers who had just opened the hall at High Blantyre, the hall […]

Lodge’s New Master

On Saturday 9th December 1978, Bro George A.B.MacDonald was ‘installed’ as R.W.M of Lodge Livingstone 599. Pictured here that year, George was 38 years old at the time, married with 2 daughters living in Burnbank. An office manager at Carfin Bonded Warehouses, George was also an organist at the Congregational Church. Educated at Gateside Primary […]

1979 David Straiton at Masonic

  In August 1979, Blantyre Masons gathered to honour a man with 50 years of service to his lodge. Lodge Livingstone 599 was the venue and George McDonald presented David Straiton with his certificate. Mr Staiton’s long membership included 6 years being Depute Master. In 1946, he was elected Lodge Secretary, a position he held […]

Pipe Band at Main Street, 1960’s

  These photos are from the 1960’s. Taken on High Blantyre’s Main Street, the buildings in the background are the Masonic Buildings and the little one storey cottage now derelict but still standing. The 2 storey tenements in the foreground, now demolished. The pipe band marches westwards back up to High Blantyre Old Parish Halls. […]

1879 Naismiths Directory Adverts

Here are several interesting Blantyre adverts that featured in Naismith’s Business Directory of 1879. James Hazels and Robert Stewart offer builderswork in High Blantyre including plumbing and slating. James B.H Struthers promotes his takeover of the Masonic Hall buildings in being a fine establishment for a party. Meantime Robert Davidson advertises his sawmills in Auchinraith […]