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St Johns’ Wood & Episcopal Church

   During the 1930’s, situated between Logan Street moving east was a small wooded area, which ran through to Church Street. The wood ran alongside the drill hall, what we know now as “Terminal One” Youth building. The name “St John’s Wood” was common to the 1930’s and 1940’s era and was less used post […]

Stonefield Parish Church Steeple

  A photo of Glasgow Road from 1903. In the middle of the picture, Logan Street leads off to the right (which now would be the road leading up to ASDA petrol Station. The Priory Pub is a notable feature as is the tall Turners Building at the corner of Logan Street, which later would […]

Glasgow Road – End of the Era

  This photo dates from around 1976 or 1977. It’s the end of an era for Glasgow Road as many buildings lay empty and vacant, ready for demolition. Some business still traded through right up until the point of neighbouring properties being demolished. The scene looks eastwards towards Hamilton and putting it in context, the photographer […]

Collapse of Condemned Building 1940

About one o’clock on the last Sunday afternoon in August 1940, a considerable excitement prevailed among tenants residing at Central Buildings on the Glasgow Road. Word soon spread known that a large portion of the three-story property situated at Logan Street had suddenly collapsed and many tons of bricks, mortar and some wood crashed down into […]

Tribute to a Grand Clubman 1955

  The players representing Blantyre Celtic in a game against Yoker Athletic on Saturday 20th August 1955 wore black armbands and the flag at Craighead Park was flown at half mast out of respect to “Jimmy” Meechan whose sudden death at his home at 112 Logan Street on Thursday 18th August 1955 was a shock […]